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Slimpod review: my thoughts after a year

I have been following the Slimpod program for over a year now. In that time I have effortlessly dropped two stone and am now in a healthy weight bracket. Better than the weight loss however, is finally feeling free from dieting demons. No more consciously watching what I eat, or feeling guilty after eating certain foods. And most significantly for me, no more secret binge eating. Read on for my full Slimpod review.

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What is Slimpod?

The Slimpod programme is a clinically-proven weight loss system. It’s not like your typical weight loss methods – there’s no counting of points or carbs or calories. Essentially, there are three simple parts to Slimpod:

  1. You listen to a 9 minute voice recording on your phone each day (most people choose to listen as they fall asleep) – in my opinion, this is the key to everything working and is the most important part
  2. You write down 3 ‘wins’ each day
  3. You have access to four weeks’ worth of highly motivational coaching videos

These three elements gently retrain your brain to change how you feel about food and your body image. It sounds too good to be true but there are countless success stories – I am one of them!

How much does Slimpod cost?

You can access a free 10 day trial by clicking here. If you wish to continue after that point (make sure you cancel before the 10 days are up if its not for you), Slimpod will collect 3 payments over 3 months of £33 – this then gives you lifetime access to the audio recordings and also access to a private Facebook group which is so motivational and supportive. The amount of members who have lost life-changing amounts of weight – 8/9/10 stone – is astonishing. Personally, when I add up all the money I have spent over my lifetime in dieting: recipe books, meal replacement shakes, Slimming World meetings… to pay only £99 for all the benefits that Slimpod gives you is a total bargain. Since I signed up I haven’t spent a single penny more on diet products, whereas previously I probably spent several £100 a year.

My Slimpod review

I actually signed up to Slimpod about 5 years ago but only got serious about it about a year ago. I think up until that point I had a mental block about dieting – I had about two stone to lose and no amount of persuasion would convince me that dieting wasn’t the only way to lose weight. Just one more shot at Keto, I told myself (despite the fact that in five rounds of Keto I’d never kept off the weight that I’d lost as it’s impossible to stick to). But then finally, I think I hit rock bottom. I am in my 30s now and had been dieting for half of my life, and yet I still wasn’t skinny. But I was miserable! So what did I have to lose?

I logged back into my Slimpod account and started religiously listening to the audios each night as I fell asleep. The changes came quickly – within a few days I suddenly realised that I wasn’t thinking about food all the time. I started leaving food on my plate – something I never did before, I was truely a member of the clean plate club before. I also stopped weighing myself and started trusting the process. The biggest change for me is that I now eat whatever I want, when I want. The difference now is that I will eat one chocolate bar, savour it, and then it might be a month before I eat another one. Before, I would think – right, diet starts tomorrow so one last binge… and then eat a 10 pack of chocolate bars in one sitting. The guilt of binging just lead to more binging. It was a horrible life of secrecy and misery. I also eat foods every day that I previously demonised – a small amount of rice with lots of veggies mixed in is something I have at least a couple of times a week as a side dish for, say, curry. Before I would only allow myself to have cauliflower rice – yuck!

In all, I have lost roughly two stone, although I am no longer a slave to the scales. I gain a little over holidays and at Christmas, which then comes off easily and naturally over the following couple of weeks. At last, my relationship with food and with my body feels ‘normal’ and I have so much mental headspace free for other things – previously my brain was full of thoughts about food and self-hatred.

A big tip for Slimpod newbies is to invest in a bluetooth headphone headband to make listening to the audios at night really comfortable. A great added benefit of the audios is that they are so relaxing and I fall asleep effortlessly.

So to wrap up my Slimpod review, it really has changed my life and is probably the best investment in myself I have ever made. With a no-obligation 10 day free trial, what do you have to lose?

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