How to Feel Better in 2023: 4 Steps to Create Positive Change and Improve Your Mental Health

What Does it Mean to Feel Better in 2023?

As the world moves into 2023, it’s important to ask ourselves: what does it mean to feel better? Mental health and wellbeing are increasingly important topics today, and with the help of self-care, positive thinking, and other healthy habits, we can make sure that our minds and bodies are in a good place. Feeling better in 2023 means taking care of ourselves and putting in the effort to be as happy and healthy as possible. It means being mindful of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and taking steps to make sure we’re in a good place. It also means reaching out for support from loved ones.

Step 1: Identify and Address Unhelpful Habits & Stressors

1. Identify any unhelpful habits or unhealthy coping strategies you have adopted as a way to manage your stress. Examples include drinking too much alcohol, skipping meals, procrastination, or neglecting your physical health. Personally, I identified a while ago that I need to start eating better, which is why I signed up to Slimpod and have seen hugely positive changes.

2. Make a list of these habits and then assess which ones you would like to change or modify.

3. Think about the triggers that lead to these habits. Are there certain situations or emotions that set them off? Recognising the triggers can help you better manage your stress in the future.

4. Come up with a plan

Step 2: Develop a Self-Care Routine that Works for You

Make a list of positive activities and slowly integrate them into your life. Examples include:

– Going for a walk or run outdoors

– Doing yoga or stretching – there are lots of videos on Youtube that you can use for free. I particularly like Lucy Wyndham-Read and Get Fit With Rick

– Practicing mindfulness and meditation

– Journaling – I am much more likely to keep up with journaling when I have a pretty journal to write in

– Reading a book

– Drawing or painting

– Listening to music

– Taking a hot bath

– Spending time with friends and family

– Doing something creative

Notice how most of the above things are either free or cheap?

Step 3: Build Supportive Relationships & Professional Support Network

One of the most important steps to take when managing mental health is to build supportive relationships and a professional support network. It is important to create a social support network of friends, family members, and other people that can offer emotional and practical support. This can include finding a therapist or counselor, joining a support group, or having someone online to talk to. Additionally, having a trusted confidant or mentor can help provide additional support when needed. Seeking professional help from a mental health provider can also provide valuable guidance and insight into how to manage mental health.

Step 4: Reframe Negative Thoughts & Reclaim Your Power

Negative thoughts can be a major obstacle in our lives, preventing us from achieving our goals and living the life we want. Fortunately, cognitive reframing and positive affirmations can help us reclaim our power and take back control of our lives. By reframing negative thoughts into more positive ones and using mindfulness to stay present in the moment, we can become more aware of how our thoughts shape our reality. With this knowledge, we can begin to make changes that will lead to lasting happiness and success.

I hope this article has helped and I hope that 2023 is your happiest and healthiest year yet.

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