Gifts for Zumba Instructors

Do you have a Zumba instructor friend or loved one in your life with a special occasion coming up? Or maybe you simply want a way to say a big ‘thank you’ to them for helping you keep fit in arguably the most fun way possible? As a Zumba devotee myself, I have compiled a list of gifts for Zumba instructors or Zumba fans below – these are all things I’d love to receive:

Wrist/ankle weights:

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For a more challenging Zumba work out, wrist and/or ankle weights can be worn, increasing the resistance and upping the intensity. They come in a variety of different weights, obviously the heavier, the bigger the challenge.

Colourful leggings:

leggings gifts for zumba instructors

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Zumba is such a fun and energising work out, and I personally love wearing brightly-patterned leggings to match this energy. I definitely feel fun and confident when wearing a jazzy print, it certainly makes a difference from my usual uniform of black leggings.

A Zumba video game

zumba nintendo switch game

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Zumba have released various video games over the years, the most recent one being ‘Burn It Up’ for the Nintendo Switch. I personally own it and love it, I really enjoy trying to get a personal best each time I play.

Personalised Water Bottle

water bottle for zumba

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We all know that Zumba will have you working up a sweat in no time. A water bottle is a must have – it’s definitely a work out where it’s important to stay hydrated. I am personally a hoarder of water bottles, but my absolute favourite is one with my name on it.

I hope this list of gifts for Zumba instructors has given you inspiration – I’d love to hear in the comments if you have any other ideas!

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